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    Inspiring younger generations to tell their stories
    and connect to their communities.

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    Freedom Story Project

    Freedom Story Project is a project of John Brown Lives! that collects and broadcasts three- to five-minute audio stories and related photographs online, centering around themes of freedom and justice, human and civil rights, activism, and engagement, at local, national, and international levels. We seek to inspire younger generations to tell their stories and connect to their communities and these issues, including through especially powerful personal narratives by elders who share their experiences. Freedom Story Project uses the OurStoryBridge methodology, making stories easily accessible and shareable.

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    Click the categories below to hear some exciting stories from Freedom Story Project. You can also go to the Public Stories Page for Freedom Story Project at https://app.memria.org/freedomstoryproject. Use the search box to find a story that you want to listen to.
    We would love for you to share your story too.

    Photo of Mary Brown and children
    Photo of people protesting for justice
    Photo of John Brown Tombstone
    Photo of John Brown
    Photo of John Brown Farm
    Photo of march on washington
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    All podcasts include original music from Martha Gallagher, the Adirondack Harper. Music Interludes © 2022 Martha Gallagher. All Rights Reserved

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